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The Oromia Regional States Revealed New City Plan

Güncelleme tarihi: 19 Ağu 2023

The Oromia Regional States launched in a row a new city, panning for the urbanization of the region in faster ways.

A New city plan between Adama and Mojo

A new city has been launched by the Oromia Regional States, with the aim of accelerating the region's urbanization. The city plan spans in between Adama (98 km) and Mojo (75 km), which are away from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. The city boasts beautiful architectural designs, modern road constructions, and skyscrapers that are on another level. It's impressive and could be compared to a new Dubai model that's emerging in the Horn of Africa and rift valley regions. Time will tell how successful the project will be.

Sheger City Logo

The Oromia urban planning project program has shown progress over time, and it's been officially launched and shared on social media. A few months ago, other cities settled around Addis Ababa under one umbrella with a new banner name called "Shager City". These cities have undergone reform and have new designs and administrations. Some of the cities include Galan, Sabata, Laga Tafo, and Burrayyu, among others.

Shager City

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